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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This, this, THIS is the cookbook that I have been looking for in our life!

I remember my aunt showing this to me years ago and I read through it but must not have been in the mindset to let things sink in. I was smart enough to put this book on my wanted list at:
Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.
That was over three years ago and I finally became #1 on the list (out of 800 people waiting for it!) and received it in the mail today. I have been reading it all day and know that this is going to help change our diet and eating habits! Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon is "The cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats". I wanted to put it out there because so far this is by far the most interesting cookbook that I have run across and has the neatest information on what to eat, how to prepare it, and why we should eat it. Just a heads up for those of you who may want to purchase the book yourself and follow along with me, as I plan to highlight many of the recipes in the upcoming months. This is a cookbook that you have to have!


  1. I completely agree and hopefully it will help keep your precious little boy healthy and strong for many years to come! My mom raised us on all organic food WAY before it was popular (I am 52 years old) and what a gift of health she gave to us. it takes more work but good health is worth it!


  2. The Amazon reviews are very interesting; it sounds a lot like the moderate to low carb diet recommended by Dr. Atkins--emphasis on whole foods, using fat to lower cholesterol, etc. Definitely something I'd like to look into more. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Thanks for the review! I'm going to check my local library for it! :) Another cookbook I really like is Fannie Farmer... Lots of great, frugal, & healthy recipes in it! All from scratch! :)

  4. Elizabeth, this cookbook will change your life for the better. It did for our family. I pray that it will bring about much healing.



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