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Monday, August 22, 2011

Beary Tired

Joe gave up taking regular daily naps a long time ago. Even he knows when he has reached his limit though, and there are days when he is tired enough that he will succumb to a nap.

This summer he has gotten into the habit of wanting to wear his bear suit (from Halloween last year) when feeling tired. He brings the suit to me to dress him in, then finds the oddest places to fall asleep. Sometimes it's in the playroom, other times it is at the bottom of the steps. One day it was laying near the front door and today it happened to be underneath the table near the door.
Imagine my surprise when I saw a headless bear body sticking out from underneath the table. Kids are funny and strange. I'll take what I can get; a nap is a nap, after all.


  1. This is the cutest post ever! How old is he? My son took naps until about three and then started resisting pretty heavily. Now I have to watch out about 4pm because he'll start to nod off! Uh uh buddy, you are waiting till bedtime now!

  2. He is three years old. :) All my children stopped napping around the time they stopped nursing (15 months to 23 months) so I never got that "afternoon break" like some mommies get! If quiet means a boy passed out in a bear costume underneath a table...then so be it!! lol :)

  3. lol! I agree, a nap in ANY FORM is awesome!! ;)

  4. Aww, that's so cute! My two will fight heaven and earth if I suggest a nap, even while sick, though my 3 yr old has been known to fall asleep in the pram while I walk up to get big brother from school. "I'm NOT tired!!.....zzzzzzzzzzz" :)

  5. That photo is priceless! I once sat in the garage while my baby slept in the car seat in my van because I didn't want to wake her up. I got a chair and a book and let her sleep. Ya do whatcha gotta do!

  6. Once I called the police because I couldn't find my 4 year old. He had crawled all the way under the covers (which were pretty rumpled anyway) and I didn't see him, so I freaked that maybe he had gone for a walk to the local creek. Just as 911 picked up and asked "What's your emergency?" I reached under the covers and found him. Blush.

    This was before balloon boy, BTW.

  7. Oh how cute is that!!!! Love it!

    My boys havent napped in forever (thats what if feels like). Ever since I took the binkie away at almost 2 they punished me with no more naps.



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