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Monday, August 8, 2011

Chia, anyone?

Remember when I wrote about chia seed being one of my new found favorite foods? I'm still loving it and eating it every morning!

Spectrum was kind enough to send a coupon for one lucky reader for ANY Spectrum Essentials Product, up to $9.99. Here is your chance to try chia seed, or use it for some flax oil or whatever may fit your mood at the time.
Leave a comment below telling me one of your new favorite food loves. Winner will drawn on Saturday, the 13th.


  1. If the coupon is valid in Canada, count me in! :) I love Chia too, I throw it in my smoothies along with flax seeds. My food love right now is actually a "treat"... I just love the Chimes Ginger chews in Mango... Soooo good! And all natural too, no crap in them!

  2. My favorite new food isn't new I have just finally learned to like blueberries. (Don't hate me):)

  3. My new favorite love is peppers. I have never really liked them, but my daughter does so we grew some this year and I can not stop eating them.

  4. Coconut Oil! I add it to my coffee each morning and stir it into oatmeal!



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