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Monday, August 31, 2009

My Energizer Baby

See Joe.

See Joe Run.

See Joe Stop.

See Joe Run Again.

See Joe Stop Again.

See Joe Run Again and Never Stop.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to My World

I could probably write a novel if I chose to write about all the important details of my life. But I will start with where I am now, who I am now. I am a wife and mother. I have been married to my wonderful (most of the time) husband, Ben, for eight years now. We met in an unusual way, which I will blog about some other time. I have three darling (most of the time) children; Rebecca - age 5, Jacob - age 4, and Joseph - age 15 months. Needless to say, they all keep me quite busy and on my toes. Add to that the fact that we started our homeschool journey this year and some could say that my plate is quite full - I say sometimes to the point of overflowing!

I am a full-time stay-at-home-mama. It can be busy at times and insane at others. No one ever told me it would be easy but no one ever said how hard it would be either. To raise children and be responsible for who they are to become is a scary, an overwhelming at times, huge task and I pray that every day I teach them the right path. Prayer and God are a big part of my life and an important part of my family. My faith has been deepened even more so after becoming a mother. Nothing prepares you for holding your first child or raising your children and seeing them learn new things each and every day. Nothing screams 'miracle' more than feeling that baby kick inside of you or the whole process of pregnancy and birth. It is hard being a mother but it is also amazing!

I don't define who I am by my children. I have other interests. I love to read but have limited time for doing so. I have shelves and piles of books in my home and love to be surrounded by books that show my interests. If one were to take a sneak peak at my bookshelves they would start to get a small idea of who I am. Writing is another passion of mine. I have been published in several magazines and while I wouldn't consider myself a professional writer (my spelling is terrible and grammar and even punctuation isn't the best!) I do consider myself a free-lance writer. It's down to earth writing that gets my point across. Letter writing is my passion and I have a few very near and dear to me penpals that I adore writing to and receiving letters from. Only one writes with such regularity that our weekly "chats" are often a big highlight of my day. Stationery, stickers, and even stamps are my guilty pleasures, though I shouldn't feel guilty since I rarely spend money on those things since my mother is also much like myself and is always gifting those items to me! I enjoy gardening in my small raised garden beds that hubby built for me and we have been enjoying the harvest of tomatoes and cucumbers recently. I love flowers and gradually have been adding a few more plants to the rock garden each year. I am interested in photography but due to lack of funds for a good camera and lack of time to learn any new techniques I can't even consider it a hobby yet, but will be posting many of my very unprofessional photos in future postings! I am into natural foods and health and always love learning more about anything dealing with those things. I use cloth diapers at times. I don't put my value in material possessions and live a simple life. We choose this way of life. And life is good!

Starting Over

As an on again, off again blogger there comes a time when one must decide to either continue on with their random blog or start anew. Since I gave up on my first blog close to two years ago I have missed it but felt strange starting it up again when the previous posts were so few and far between. So begins "Trenches of Mommyhood"...

As a stay-at-home mama to three little ones I often have thoughts that swirl around in my head but no one to share them with during the day, unless I want to post it on my Facebook page or call my mom up for the umpteenth time that that day. I need an outlet for my thoughts, my ramblings, or just my day to day activities. Long letters or journal entries may be enough for some (and I write both of those) but I sometimes feel that a mother's voice is often lost and I want my voice heard. I want to prove that while the job of being a full-time mother is often mundane and seen as "lesser" it is the most important job out there. So welcome to my world...


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