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Friday, August 12, 2011

Frugal Friday

Jacob and I are hanging out in the hospital library as we wait for the pager to go off to tell us that his blood is ready. He has his second to last out-patient chemo today but his blood counts show his Hemoglobin is down to 6.5 so he will be needing a blood transfusion as well. That takes two hours once the blood has arrived so we will be spending a good part of our day here at the hospital. Otherwise, he is doing great and has been spending much of his time outdoors this week with the arrival of this wonderful weather. He gained a little weight, even, so that is great news! He is up to 44.6 lbs. , which is small for a 6 year old but back to where he was last December when being diagnosed (without the 2 lb. tumor in him). His little body is amazingly strong!

With all that said...it's Frugal Friday time again! With the economy in such an uncertain time it is a time when we should all be aware of our own money and how we spend it. I've heard people complain about "not being able to get by" and yet they will balk at some suggestions on how to save money. Some won't use coupons because they say they don't have the time. Some won't hang out their laundry because they feel that is for poor people. Some won't drive a used car because it is beneath them. It made me wonder about my own readers. Whether you read my blog to get updates on Jacob or to read frugal hints or to see pictures of my adorable kids is unknown to me. But, is there anything that you would not do in order to save money? What is one money saving tip that you have heard that you feel you would never resort to? Is there something that would save you money but is so far fetched that you would never consider it? I'd love to hear it and the reasons for it!


  1. I probably wouldn't sell my platelets or blood. I'm fortunate to not be in a situation where I need to, and we are already frugal, but I feel it's something that should be given for free and never based on monetary gain.

  2. It may be different here in Australia but I doubt it. The one thing that I started to buy once my kids left home was decent toilet paper. One that felt soft but one that your fingers didn't go right through when using it. I just will not go back to coarse toilet paper. Well, I guess if I really had to I would, but I am willing to cut corners in every other area first.

  3. Probably dumpster diving for food. I know many items are still sealed in cans or jars, but I simply can't look past the fact that it was from the trash! I don't mind trash-picked furniture at all (in fact, sometimes I go "trolling for trash") but food is different.

  4. If we were in a desperate situation (which thank God we're not) there's very little I would refuse to do to SAVE money if it was legal and ethical. With that being said, there are things that I don't do right now that would save me money but cost me time, which is in very short supply for me. What bothers me more is people who complain about not being able to get by but have expensive phone plans or habits they refuse to quit.

    Glad to hear that you son is gaining weight and seems to be doing well. My prayers will be with you.

  5. Well we are fortunate that we have always been able to afford to do what we want. We have always been frugal so we have done the clothesline, ect thing. I don't think that I could go through dumpsters or beg for food unless we were absolutely forced to. I do however feel bad for people who have to do such things.


  6. Interesting that two others mentioned dumpster diving for food. That is what I first thought of as well. Since there is not many dumpsters out here in the country, I would say I would not resort to eating road-kill. YUCK! I guess you should never say never as it could come back to bite you!

    Glad to hear Jacob is doing so well. He continues to be in our nightly prayers for a full-recover. God bless Jacob and your family.

  7. I forgot all about dumpster diving for food until you all mentioned it! Guess we don't have many Freegans in the group, do we?! :) I think that's something that I would never be able to do either, unless we were close to starving!

    We do use the scratchy toilet paper here! I guess we are just used to it, and every other fluffy roll of toilet paper is gone within a day here - so it really would break the budget to have to keep our family supplied in fluffiness! What about "family cloth" that some people use - cloth wipes that they wash and reuse?! I don't think I would ever be able to do that!

    I agree, blood and platelets should be given always for free - though I understand that with such a limited blood supply in this country it is something that the blood banks sometimes pay for to get more in. Bone marrow, on the other hand, is often needed but very painful at times to donate - so I see no reason why not to get paid for that! It helps up the donation!

    Good points, everyone!

  8. This looks like fun! The one thing that pops into my mind is, I would NOT stop buying fresh, whole, organic foods for my family. I know it's cheaper to buy Hamburger Helper and boxes of Kraft mac and cheese, but I know what those preservatives and food dyes do to my kids' behavior. That's just not something I'm ready to sacrifice.

  9. I would not sell my eggs or be a surrogate. And I hate scratchy toilet paper. :) Elizabeth

  10. Ok, light bulbs. Seriously, the new light bulbs, though they're supposed to save money in the long run, I just plain hate them! First, some are colored and others are white. I can't seem to figure out the system to them. Right now my dining room fixture has 2 white and 4 yellow-ish ones. The problem is when I'm out shopping and remember we need bulbs, I cannot remember what is already in the fixture so I can match them. I like the old, non-energy efficient ones that are just white, and you don't ever have to worry about having accidentally purchased the kind that have to "warm up". I'm also a laundry detergent snob. I buy a certain brand because of the way it smells. (this could be a little OCD rearing it's head. LOL) And to me, the cheaper, no-name brands just do not make my laundry smell as good, or hold the scent as long after it comes out of the machines.

    So, I dropped in because I was behind on your blog, and had to chuckle at your sons weight gain. (which is WONDERFUL!!!) My son has gained 12 lbs since December... 7 lbs since his spinal fusion in May. That puts him up to 58 lbs now....he turned 11 yesterday. We cheer at every single pound gained!

  11. I'm so happy to hear that Jacob is doing well & has gained some weight! :) Wonderful news!!

    As for saving money, I wouldn't do anything dishonest... wouldn't dumpster dive either. Sorry, but ick!



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