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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunny Schooltime

I remember one of the worst things about starting back to school was being cooped up in a building on those beautiful end of summer days. And we've had plenty of those types of days recently.

One of the pros of homeschooling is being able to adjust our day to the things around us. Snow days? Never heard of them! Vacation to Disney coming up? Double up on work the week before so you don't fall behind! Beautiful weather? Take your classes outside.
We took our science books outside yesterday; what better place to learn about science than in the beautiful outdoors?! We have been seeing (and hearing) Cicadas a lot recently so we learned about them. We also learned about two of the five senses: smelling and tasting. Science has always been one of my favorite subjects so I love making the subject interesting and learning new things along with the kids.
We will be heading back to the library today to get this weeks Science books. The rain just stopped and the skies are clearing, so we just may be having another outdoor lesson today!


  1. Isn't homeschooling so much fun? I started with my oldest daughter last year for pre-k. She flew through it all, so this year we are doing K and 1st (depending on the subject). She's been super curious about bones, so science right now is bones! So much fun! Love that you took your kiddos outside to study. That always used to be my favorite thing to do when I was homeschooled.

  2. I saw a great science Kumon book while I was at the toy shop today. I'll go back and get you the title. I loved the activities! My son goes to a charter school and they have class outside. I completely agree it is such a rich learning environment.

  3. Love this blog! THe pictures you posted are adorable! I love seeing children entralled by books and reading. You have such a great attitude as a parent. Your kids are very fortunate to have a super mom like you!

  4. Nutty Mom - I love how as we homeschool we can study the subjects that best interest our children. The kids are interested in bugs and nature at the moment so we have been getting books about those recently. :)

    GirlRural - Oh yes, please let me know the title when you get a chance. I've heard great things about Kumon for math and reading - I bet the Science would be wonderful! :)

    Jacki - Thanks so much! You know us...books and kids are what we collect. :)

  5. It is so much better than the stuffy old school rooms I grew up in! And I could not be happier that my kids do not know what those are like!!

    Very cute pictures! Especially of the head-less bear napping under the table! Too cute!!



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