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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reader's Poll

In just over a week it will be the start of August. I've been thinking about what challenge I will be doing (and have been asked by several!) so I need your help! Would you like to see this food challenge continue into August? A new challenge? Any ideas for a new challenge? The $1,200 challenge? I was planning on doing the $1,200 challenge but forgot that I will be buying all the school books and supplies in August which will cost at least $100 or more so that would hurt the budget. Tell me what you are most interested in seeing me do in August!


  1. I really liked the $1200 challenge, but maybe you could bump it up to $1400. I have to say I am shocked you can do it on that amount. Love the ideas though!

    Jill D

  2. I vote $1200 challenge also, just don't count the school supplies since they are not part of running the household. Rose :)

  3. I loved the $1200 challenge myself. Maybe do the $1200 with your regular household expenses like last time and a separate one for the school supplies?


  4. I really admired you for trying to make it on $1200, but to be honest, I don't think summer is the time to be doing it. Unless I missed something, you spent no money on your children. No trips to the movies, zoo, amusement park, water park etc. No swimming lessons or sports. In my opinion that is very wrong. So save the $1200 challenge for a later month and spend some money on the kids.

  5. One doesn't need to spend money to make it a happy summer. The kids spent a week going to Bible Camp (free!), library programs involved crafts and seeing animals from the zoo (free!), bike rides, parks, picnics, walks, playing in the sprinkler are all free. Children can also play sports without paying for it...the neighborhood children are often in our yard throwing or kicking around a ball. For children ages 6 and 5 these are activites that are both fun and free. Those are the fond memories that I have as a child.

  6. Kids don't need money spent on them to make them happy. What if you are truly poor and can only provide the necessities of life for your children? Elizabeth is right, my fondest memories of being a child were doing things like she listed above. I find it hard to believe that her children are deprived of fun or missing out on anything. According to your post In your opinion what she is doing is 'very wrong', but in my opinion, teaching kids that they could only have fun when money is spent is very wrong. The quality time spent with your children is what is important, not how much money you spend on them. - Rose :)

  7. I agree Elizabeth that children can have fun without spending money. There is a challenge for all of us, what can we do that is free and fun! We do not do swim lessons; daddy seems a lot more qualified then some of the very young teenagers teaching. We do not do sports; it has never been my four girls' thing; yet we target shoot, play outside games as a family. We rarely see a movie; most are not family friendly anyway. Why a waterpark? How about the free public beach! Why an amusement park? My children love playgrounds. The best memories seem to be the free things in life!

  8. I'm delurking here. I found you via Life As Mom during your $1200/Month Challenge and I've been an interested reader ever since.

    Since I'm a book nut I was going to suggest a reading challenge, but that might be difficult since you homeschool---as in you being able to find time to read books just for fun, not for homeschooling.

    I just want to say that I agree that you do not have to spend money for kids to have fun. This summer we joined a pool for the first time. I grew up going to the swimming pool every day during the summer and I wanted my son to have that experience. Well, guess what? He hates the pool and would rather go to the lake which is absolutely free. That's $125 we will save next year! :-)

  9. A book challenge would be awesome, but I have to admit that lately all I have had time for is the chick-lit books...which aren't exactly thrilling or blog worthy! I'll need to remember this challenge sometime in the future though!

    Thanks for all the votes guys...it looks like the $1,200 challenge is the winner again for August. *Gulp*



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