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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 3: Menu and Grocery Shopping

I only planned four dinners this week as we will have a cook out tomorrow at my Grandma's house (if the rain holds off) and I will depend on leftovers or something from the cupboards the other two nights. Otherwise, I plan on:
Thai Peanut Noodles
Tuna Noodle Salad
Chicken Burritos
Bean Burgers
All these are served with sides. Lunches are usually leftovers, sandwiches, cheese and crackers. Breakfast is yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, toast, eggs, or pancakes. I will be highlighting different recipes throughout these next few weeks.

This week I did my shopping a little differently. One store that we like to shop at when we go out of town (HyVee) has delicious fruits and vegetables but a lot of their food items are more expensive. So last night I did half our shopping at our local Fareway and then finished our shopping at HyVee today. I did not take a photo of the Fareway shopping trip but managed to snap one of our grocery trip today. If you are bored with the basics then my reciepts below will be mind numbing. But it gives you an idea of what we bought and how much it costs.


Organic dill dip $1.39

Dozen eggs 99 cents

Twizzlers $1.67

carrots $1.19

butter $2.49

broccoli $1.99

Soy sauce $1.49

2 containers of blueberries 98 cents each

Fettucini $1.19

garlic $1.99

tuna 79 cents

hamburger buns 99 cents

rice vinegar $2.69

sour cream $1.59

80 oz. of dill pickles $2.99

walnuts $1.19

2 containers yogurt 60 cents each

chunk of cheddar cheese $1.67

egg noodles 89 cents

3.83 lbs. peaches $1.84 (these were on sale for 48 cents a pound this week)

three apples $1.54

3 lbs. yellow onions $2.99

crushed red pepper $1.69

garbanzo beans 99 cents

1/2 lb. ground beef $1.48

peanut butter $1.59

crushed pineapple 99 cents

gallon whole milk $3.23

gallon 1% milk $2.81

Total: $50.81


2 packages bakery buns $1.99 each
3 small packages skittles 50 cents each
Black forest ham 1 lb. $3.11
1/2 lb. shaved ham $1.61
1 lb. white turkey $3.19
2 packages Crystal Lite $2.99 each (minus $2 coupons on both...I know this isn't exactly healthy but it gets me to drink more water...which is healthier)
4 cases of Dannon yogurt (12 containers each case) on clearance to $2 per case (ususally $9.50 each!)
case of water $2.25 (I drink water from the tap usually...hubby threw this in the cart)
Pretzels $1.48
white vinegar 88 cents
hot dog buns 77 cents
wheat tortillas $1.49
Koolaid Fizz $2.19 (free coupon)
Tasters Choice $3.37
Vanilla $2.49
box of cereal (all natural) $2.79
2 packages hot dogs 99 cents each (for the cookout tomorrow)
2.21 lb. organic bananas $1.26 (same price this week as regular bananas)
2 cantaloupes 99 cents each
cherry delight (natural trail mix) $2.99
spinach $1.50
peanuts 99 cents
4 kiwis $1
1 organic lemon 50 cents (same as regular lemons)
12 ears sweet corn $2.99
1 whole watermelon $3.88
Total: $58.27

Grand Total for the week: $109.08 which means we are $9.08 over the budget this week. I expect next week to come in lower so it should even out. I stocked up on a few spices this week that I wanted to try in a new recipe and the yogurt (couldn't pass up that!) made it cost a little more.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your posts.I can learn so much from you. Love your blog!

  2. It's amazing the difference in prices where you live. I'm in VA and our items are much higher than yours. Although I was shocked to see the price of your banana's - we are definitely cheaper there.
    Good luck with this months Challenge!



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