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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Breakfast Fun

My kiddos are a lot like me and aren't big eaters in the morning. I could go without breakfast and not be hungry until lunch time, but I do get cranky when I don't eat breakfast...and my kiddos do as well.
I try to make breakfast fun and enticing with something that they will want to eat. In the warmer months it is something simple such as toast with peanut butter and slices of bananas or a yogurt parfait. Just layer fruit with yogurt and you have a delicious breakfast that is both healthy and enticing. A breakfast like this is always gobbled up quickly!


  1. Yum! Would make a nice dessert too.

  2. Will you be my wife/Mommy?

  3. Jodi...I could always use a wife! Maybe the laundry and dishes would get done then! lol



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