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Friday, July 23, 2010


This week I feel that I have been playing catchup from last week. Being gone for two days helping at our garage sale (which was a flop, basically. Having one during Fair Week is apparently not a good time) and being gone all day Saturday, among a few other things, has left me exhausted. I actually went back to coffee after seven years of being coffee-free just to see if it could wake me up a little! I am sipping on a cup of it right now as we speak. I don't think it's working.

Someone mentioned to me that I forgot to list my menu and shopping list for this week. I didn't forget to list it, I forgot to do it! I didn't make a menu this week and just ran to the store on Monday for a few essentials. I can't find my receipt now but I can tell you that I bought enough things to make a big pot of chili (which is kind of strange, considering our sweltering temperatures this week!) and Vegetable Lo Mein, along with vegetables, fruits, bread, milk, and so forth. I spent $38.51 and then we picked up a dozen ears of corn for $3 so I am far below our $100 grocery budget this week. We have mainly been making things out of the cupboards and using up what we have on hand. It hasn't been the healthiest of fare and I've come to realize that when I am stressed or crazy busy I tend to rely on comfort foods (as in, 90 degree weather and a pot of chili?!) and easy fixin's.

My dear hubby is not on call this weekend (finally!) so I intend to make a good menu and shopping list and do a big shopping trip tomorrow or Sunday. Too bad that the air conditioning in our van, that we just got fixed three weeks ago, is now not working again. It's never fun driving around with three sticky kiddos and two crabby adults! One can hope for a big cool off for the weekend though. :)

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