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Friday, June 7, 2013

*This Week*

*Rain, rain, rain. It's June already and just a few days ago I was contemplating turning the heat on because it was so chilly in the house. What's up with that?! We need sunshine and outdoor time and haven't been getting that for weeks.

*Joe and Amy had their check ups yesterday. For her two month check up Amy was in the 84 percentile for length (23.5") and 62 percentile for weight (11 lb. 8 oz.). She's getting so big! I often think of Joe as being small for his age but he was in the 78 percentile for height (44.5") and 57 percentile for weight (42 lbs.).

*After the doctor appointment we went to several garage sales and I found such fun finds. The picture below shows just a portion of it all...Mini Boden clothes, Keen sandals, a Moby Wrap (I've been wanting one of these and came *this close* to buying one several times and here I found this for $5!), a HotSling for $1. It's really amazing how I often find just what I was looking for!

*Jacob has been feeling great. You seriously wouldn't know that he was sick at all as he keeps up with the other kids and is an active little boy! He's been quite creative recently, making paper accessories to go with his play. One day it was a paper head piece and antenna to put on his army helmet and the other day it was a paper handkerchief to use while playing cowboy. I love this boy!  
*A local car club is having a car cruise for Jacob this weekend! It lines up at our house and will be escorted out by the police. Jacob is so excited to get to choose a car to ride in. I will have to snap a bunch of pictures and pray that the rain that is being forecasted will hold off until later.



  1. Who fits the Keen sandals? I love mine!


  2. The sandals will fit Joe. I've never tried the adult ones...maybe I'll get lucky and find some at a garage sale?! :) These ones look brand new!

  3. I love Keens too. Pretty much any sandals with the toes covered are keepers for me. I don't like smashed toes.

    It's crazy how paper is such an accessible item and I would never think to do those things to it! Way to be creative and resourceful, Jacob!

    I hope Jacob really enjoys the cruise. So glad God is reaching out to Jacob through such unique ways.

  4. Great finds!! So glad sweet Jacob is doing well, and wow! Baby is getting big!! :) Have fun at the car show! :)



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