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Thursday, June 27, 2013

ecocentric Mom June Box Review

Last month I canceled several subscription boxes and tried a few new ones this month. With all the subscription boxes out there it is hard not to want to try them all but I hope to find a good fit for each person in our family and keep those. With several referral links I don't have to usually pay full price for boxes (thanks to those of you who go through my links when you decide to purchase a box).

I've been hoping to find a good "baby box" for Amy. I ran across ecocentric mom and thought it sounded fun. I'm glad I gave it a try!
It was packed full, wrapped nicely, and contained items that are quite useful with a baby in the house, plus a treat or two for mom!
Sweet Potato Chips ($1) I have had these before and love them!

Happy Family Organic Happy Creamies ($4 per bag, two bags included). Amy is too young for food but in several months she will be able to have these snacks and since they don't expire until 2015 I can put them into the cupboard until she is ready.

EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bar $2.29 I love bars like this to throw in the diaper bag for an energy boost or eat for an afternoon snack. As a nursing mom I start to get shaky when I haven't eaten in awhile so this will be perfect to grab and go.
Dapple Pacifier Wipes ($2.99) Amy doesn't use a pacifier but these will be perfect to wipe off toys, sippy cups, dirty hands and cheeks, etc.

Bummas Eco-Friendly Baby Cloths ($1.50) A soft wash cloth

Wee Gallery Art Cards ($12.95) So cute! These can be shown to baby, used as flash cards for when she is older, or an idea I have seen is to frame them in dark frames and make a gallery on her bedroom wall. I got the "Garden Collection" and think these are whimsical and fun.
Novena Maternal Organic Cucumber and Cranberry Eye Gel ($22) This sounds lovely and with how tired I have been lately I can use some help with my dark circles!

Emily Skin Soothers' Diaper Plus ($3) I forgot to include this in the photo but it's a sample tub of diaper cream. We can always use more diaper cream...especially in this hot weather when she tends to get sweaty.

$5 Gift Card to Jude Bug Boutique

I love how ecocentric mom includes brochures about their products, a very detailed information card, and also an information card about something corresponding to that month and how to be more green (this month it talked about how to avoid bugs outside naturally).  

This month was worth about $55 and each box is $21 (or less with a longer subscription). I will use everything in this box and am putting this up there on my "favorite subscription box list". This one is a keeper!


  1. I have yet to try a subscription box but they seem to be all the rage. I have to look into them and pick one. This box makes me want another baby.

  2. One of the perks of having a baby is buying new things for him/her! :)

    Yes, you must try out subscription boxes, they are o fun and make mail time exciting!



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