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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happiness, Home Grown

I've said it often, "Flowers make me happy!"
We finally have a dry sunny day so I hung up a few loads of laundry on the line and then took a stroll through the yard to say hello to my flowers. The one above is a miniature rose bush that I planted years ago. The one below is a wild rose bush that I stumbled upon. It was hiding behind my raspberry bushes. I figure that since Amy Rose arrived this spring, so did this flower for her. :)
 My white peony is going crazy this year with blooms. They look like giant clouds and are so soft and fluffy. I do wish that the peony flowers lasted longer than a week!
Bringing a little happiness (as well as a lovely fragrance!) to your home can mean something as simple as finding a lovely flower friend outside your door.

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