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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box

I love "The Soap Box", which is a quarterly subscription box from Fortune Cookie Soap. Each box contains samples from that season's new line. The names are creative and fun (though sometimes the titles can seem a little adult themed).
First glance shows color and fun!
The OCD hand sanitizer is "Do You Salsa or Mango" and smells like mangos to me, though it also has hints of chile and cilantro the card said. I just (literally, yesterday) finished off the bottle from the spring line so this will go directly into my diaper bag.
A body shot "Don't Be Jelly" which smells delicious...like raspberry lemonade which is exactly what the card says it is supposed to smell like. This can be used in the shower like body wash on a sponge or wash cloth.
I love, love, love Fortune Cookie Whipped Cream. It is a thick lotion and their scents are all amazing. This one is "It's Five O'clock Somewhere!" It does smell like a fruity cocktail.
"Where the Sun Don't Shine" solid Sunscreen Stick. This is a new product and I can't wait to try it. This small sample will be great to try on the face and it smells like coconuts and bananas.
"One in a Melon" fortune cookie soap. The kids always claim these soaps.
"Aquaholic" sea salt hair spritz. This spray is supposed to make those beachy waves in your hair...my hair is already wavy/curly but the scent is amazing (pina colada) so I'm going to use it anyway!
"Mother Pucker" shower steamer (yes, I told you some of the names are "adult"). You place this in the floor of your shower and it will release a lovely lemon scent as you shower.
"I Scream, You Scream" sugar scrub. This is a sweet, sweet smell like vanilla and strawberries. Almost sickly sweet but I'll try it!

   This box is $20 quarterly. The samples are all very good sized (the hand sanitizer lasted me months, the whipped cream lasted at least 20 tries, etc.), plus every box comes with a $10 coupon good for their site so I am able to get something "free" just for the shipping cost. Last time I bought with their coupon a tub of Whipped Cream in "Cupcake" scent and it literally smells good enough to eat and makes my hands oh so soft. This is a lovely box and I am always excited to get it!

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