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Friday, June 28, 2013

June Cotton Booty Review

This is the second month of receiving Cotton Booty and this month it came in a mailer instead of a box. I have been looking forward to this (all you cloth diaper mamas will understand!) and was not disappointed.
It was all wrapped up nicely in brown tissue paper and came with a nice information sheet about the products.
Milky ($2?) is an all natural herbal tea supplement that promotes location. It can help boost your milk supply. This will be perfect for those growth spurts that Amy will be having.
Bumkins Dr. Seuss Wet Bag ($10.95) Such a cute bag! These are for cloth diapering on the go - just throw your wet and dirty cloth diapers in here until you get home. 
Bumkins One Size Stuff It Cloth diaper ($15.95) and extra Minky Insert ($3) I love, love, love the design on this diaper (bird cages!) and love Bumkin diapers so am very happy with this!

This subscription box costs $24.95 a month (or less with a 6 or 12 month subscription) and the total of this box value is $31.90 this month. It's a great way to get into cloth diapering or add to your stash. Cloth diapers have an excellent resale value as well so once we are done we can make a little money back!


  1. Can you please explain how these cloth diapers work. I just don't get it. The only cloth diapers I know about are the ones from years ago--plain white fastened with safty pins and used with rubber pants. I used them for about a week and then went to disposables!! Thanks, Sharon

  2. The cloth diapers I use are called "fitted" and "all-in-ones". So they pretty much are like a regular diaper and you just close them with Velcro or snaps. Most of mine (like the one pictured above) are "pocket diapers", which means there is an insert to put in a pocket in the diaper which absorbs all the pee...you then pull the insert out and wash that and the outer part of the diaper. It may sound complicated but besides the washing and drying part it is just as easy as using a disposable diaper.

    Most people that use cloth diapers now do it for the environment (it takes hundreds of years for a disposable diaper to compost), for babies skin (cloth doesn't cause as many rashes), or health reasons (disposables are filled with chemicals and can be harmful). Or all three...like myself. :)

  3. I have the same wetbag! :) And a diaper in that print. So fun!

  4. Ami - It's amazing how "fun" diapers can be! :)



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