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Friday, June 21, 2013

June Citrus Lane Box Review

Citrus Lane is the subscription box that Joe receives each month. It is for newborns up to age 5. It is $25 a month (if you are a new subscriber use code TAKEHALF for a 50% discount on your first box). Joe gets the 5 year old box.

I had heard bad reviews on this months box even before we received ours. We have been happy with our past boxes but once I saw spoilers I knew that we would be disappointed.
Joe immediately grabbed the water bottle and then shut the box. He wasn't interested in anything else inside. What a bummer when the box is supposed to be for him!
Included was a stainless steel bottle from Eco-kids ($11.99). He loves this and has been carrying it and drinking from it ever since!

Mole Hand Sand Set from Haba. These are for the sandbox and are $6.17 on their site but truly feel like dollar store items and he played with them for less than a minute and hasn't touched them since.
Top to Toe Body Wash from Bathtime Kids ($12.50). I love that this is hypoallergenic and organic and Joe and Amy will be using this but it isn't *exciting* for a child.

Sunny Sunscreen from Episencial. I'm not even going to count this since the bottle is only half full and was sent out as a sample.

This month just seemed so empty and not geared towards children or fun. Others received sun hats, incomplete sand toys, etc. Odd how some boxes used to be such a good value and this one isn't. There is an uproar on their Facebook page but so far they haven't resolved any issue with the customers.

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