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Monday, June 17, 2013

Petit Vour June Box Review

You'll remember that I was just "okay" with my Petit Vour box last month but wanted to give it one more shot. I am highly disappointed with this months box and immediately canceled it. 
Included was:

*Sample of Acorelle perfume (which does smell good)

*Sample of (Skingen)x eye-comlete, XFoliator, and Anti-Wrinkle Complete

*Barre bar (cinnamon pecan)

*$15 coupon for Mineral Hygienics

I was 'so-so' about the box until I realized that with the Mineral Hygincis coupon you still had to spend $5.95 shipping. This was not a "free' product and this box was not anywhere worth the $15 I spent. Hopefully the future boxes will get better but I'm not sticking with them to find out. There are many more boxes for $15 or less that come with a lot more.


  1. I got my box yesterday and had to rush here to see if you had a review! I had to laugh that you are canceling. I decided too as well. But then I couldn't figure it out how to so maybe I'll stick around for another month. I liked everything, except the coupon, but it just didn't seem like much. Especially when you can buy the Skingen stuff for $5.95 (http://www.skingenx.com/inc/sdetail/1050/1053)

    I think I should figure out how to cancel and try Vegan Cuts instead? http://vegancuts.com/beautybox

  2. Jenny, you just e-mail them to cancel (you can find their e-mail on their site). I saw that vegancuts and thought it looked interesting (if you do subscribe let me know how it is!). If you haven't tried Eco-emi that is on that I suggest. I LOVE her boxes and you get a lot of great, natural (a lot are vegan) healthy and beauty items for $15 a month. I'm always happy with it!

  3. Hi, Petit Vour here! We understand your disappointment with the shipping costs and are offering to cover everyone’s shipping in PV Points (100 point = $1). This was only our second box and we certainly learned a lot. As soon as we heard from our members, we began making changes to honor their concerns. We agree! Members should never have to pay for shipping. We also now see that diversity of products is key. We do want the box to be fun to open after all. As our members requested, our next box does contain two full-size makeup products as well as other smaller samples. Thank you for your valuable feedback! Warmest~



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