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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Here is a bit of an Instagram dump for you...
This weeks CSA share. Lots of yummy goodness which we are enjoying greatly! Those blueberries taste nothing like the ones in the store - these have flavors and depth that taste like candy! Amy literally screams for more!
Speaking of Amy, she often brings me the oddest assortment of items. The other night it was my keys and some hair spray. I wonder what she was trying to tell me?
My kids play to their hearts content each day and have the dirty faces, hands, and feet to prove it by the end of the day!

I don't have a picture but the other day a whole load of my clothes went through the dryer with a green crayon or marker (I didn't ever find the culprit). The whole load is now tie dyed green, and not in a good way. Scrubbing, soaking, vinegar, dish detergent, hot water, hanging on the line, and crying didn't work. Two of my favorite pairs of capris are ruined. I'm tempted to still wear them like that, as they are so comfortable. Sigh...I knew I should have hung them on the line in the beautiful sunshine we were having but I felt lazy that day. Look what that got me.

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