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Saturday, August 2, 2014

If You Give a Mom An Idea...

...her life will resemble If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. You know the book, where the mouse keeps getting other ideas...cookie...milk...bath...etc.

Yep, my life has worked that way lately. All I wanted to do was buy some more hangers, to organize the closet. By the way, these multi-purpose clips (I found them at Walmart for like $2.50) are awesome in helping to organize your closet.
They fit on your hanger like so:
They are perfect for hanging up skirts/pants, or outfits. It's also a great way to arrange clothing outfits for your own kids to pick out...think easier school mornings ahead! 

Anyhow, my plan was to organize my closet. We have limited closet space in my house (I guess back in 1880 when it was built people just didn't have much stuff!), so my husband's, Amy's, and my own clothes are in one small closet. Which happened to be stuffed. So I then decided to buy a hanging rack for Amy's clothes.

But the rack didn't fit in our bedroom.

So I decided to take a corner of Becca's bedroom and turn it into a space for Amy.
Then I added the rack to the space. By having the rack of Amy's clothes in Becca's room I decided to make the lower portion of the rack for Becca's hanging items. 

Which meant that I organized the closet in Joe's room which previously held Becca's hanging clothing as well. 
By organizing a corner of the room I had to keep going and work on Becca's side of the room. I got her dream corner situated and will work on the rest of her room with her tomorrow.
And who knows what that will lead to...


  1. Looking good!! Tell Becca and Amy I want to come see their room when it is done~

  2. I love that there is a kitty lounging on Becca's bed!!



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