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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy Finds

The other day I was feeling down in the dumps. I decided I must get out of the house for a bit so I loaded up the kids and we headed to our neighborhood thrift store. It is really a hit or miss. Sometimes I find something fantastic, sometimes it's all complete junk.

This particular day I found several packages of stationery (50 cents each for vintage Hallmark stationery!) and this lovely little quilt for just $2. 
Quilts make me happy. :)
Another thing that makes me happy is my clothesline. Especially when it is filled with little pretties. I traded with a woman from Facebook a nice little package of Baby Boden outfits for a voucher that I had. It was so fun to receive that package in the mail, wash it, and get it hung on the line. Amy's wardrobe is getting ready for fall!

1 comment:

  1. I love your happy pictures. It makes me forget it's raining and grey outside in Mississippi. You little girl is going to be styling and profiling! I get a lot of free stuff of the Internet too, my family thinks I'm shoplifting!



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