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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Birthday Love

I was kind of dreading my birthday this year. This would be the first one without Jacob. Not only that, but the past three birthdays didn't exactly hold the best memories.

On my 31st birthday my son was dying.

On my 30th birthday my son was in the hospital for a stem stell transplant.

On my 29th birthday my son received his last dose of chemotherapy for round one of cancer. That was great, but we spent three days in the hospital and just wanted to be home with the rest of the family. 

I just wanted my 32nd birthday to be over, before it began. 

I had told my husband that I didn't want anything so wasn't surprised when I awoke to nothing. I was okay with that.

I opened up a gift from my friend, which was filled with perfect items for some "me time".

Then Becca woke up and handed me a card. As I opened the envelope a necklace fell out. A necklace that she had earned in a summer library reading program. That she had said she loved, and then I remarked that it was awesome. She saved it...never having even taking it out of the package...for my birthday. I felt the love all day around my neck.

I ran out to get some cupcakes for the kids. When I returned home my husband came out of the house to announce Happy Birthday! Apparently, he had taken the day off from work and went shopping. The table had (more) cupcakes and a pile of gifts for me! Extra special to me because they were hummingbird themed (I'll have to share my hummingbird stories with you sometime!).

We then went out for lunch as a family.

I return home to find gifts from my mama and later she drops off (another!) cupcake. Seriously, a girl can never have too many cupcakes.

My mail arrives with a sweet card from my sister. My sister-in-law drops off the sweetest little box of gifts. My brother shows up later in the day with a handmade coffee mug and decals for my vehicle.

I attend Bible Study with an awesome group and watch an amazing movie together (God is Not Dead - I HIGHLY recommend this!).

And I realize, that while the only thing that would truly perfect the day is having Jacob here with us, that I am loved and cared for in a cocoon by people that God has placed in my life.

Love is all you need.  


  1. Birthdays are a great way to celebrate being you. Glad you had one that was filled with love!

  2. Elizabeth, you love, and so glad to see that you are SOO loved!

  3. Having been a follower of your blog before, during and after Jacob's illness, I remember waking up on my birthday last year (08/18) to discover that he had passed. I resolved to make your day of intense loss and my day of personal celebration represent something positive. Last year I donated four show tickets I had to our local SPCA so that their staff could enjoy some much deserved time away. This year I will strive to make my birthday represent some act of kindness in Jacob's name.

    1. I mistyped. My birthday and the date of Jacob's passing was 08/19



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