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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bear Hugs

My dear friend surprised the kids with a bear, made out of Jacob's clothing! She had heard about a woman who made bears for people from their loved one's clothing and immediately wanted to buy one for each of the children.  
Becca exclaimed"Jacob's clothes!!!!" when she realized what these precious bears were sewn out of.
I'll admit to feeling anxiousness when I had to decide what to do with the clothing of Jacob that no longer fit Joe. I didn't want to pack it away, nor did I want to get rid of it. So when Francesca brought up this idea I was enthusiastic, after getting over my fears of placing them in the mail and hoping they wouldn't get lost. 
What a treasured keepsake! I've been staring at the bears and holding them as they feel like a little piece of Jacob. The kids are loving and squishing on them. It gives them something to squeeze when they are missing Jacob.

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