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Monday, December 3, 2012


*We are working on our Christmas chains. The minute the calendar page turns to December the kids want to get their craft on!

*I really want to stay in my pjs today but there are lots of errands needing to be checked off the list so I suppose I need to resemble a human while out and about. By the way, have you ever worn your pjs out in public? I beg of you not to!

*While shopping at Goodwill this past weekend I spotted an adorable corduroy Fossil purse. It's the real deal, but was only $2.50 because it had a large white stain inside. I figured no one would see the stain seeing as how it's inside the purse so I would buy it, but also attempt to wash the purse to see if it would come out. This morning it emerged from the washing machine looking brand new!  It really never does hurt to try.

*I'm trying to get together my to-do list for baking this holiday season. What is your all-time favorite holiday treat?


  1. I have def wore my pjs out.. but I was a dumb teenager! lol! We all have to grow up sooner or later! I love FOSSIL bags!! Great find!! :)

  2. I am also guilty of wearing my pajamas out in public, but I was much younger--teens and early 20s.

    Great find on the purse! Love it when a good find gets even better.

    How can I choose just one favorite holiday treat? Banana bread, cinnamon rolls, Christmas cookies...the list (and the eating) goes on and on.



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