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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brain Splat

A tummy bug has been lingering in our house the past few days. It's strange, as in between bouts of throwing up or tummy aches the kids feel fine and eat and play as normal. Hopefully it will be out of their systems soon.

I made another duct tape box to basket today since Becca has been begging me for one.
It's the perfect size for organizing her dresser drawer.
I've been using this fun decorative duct tape for other projects (photos coming soon) and have a fun Christmas idea for some of those other cardboard subscription boxes.

My sister has been teaching me how to crochet a hat.

This has been the least stressful Christmas ever! I am loving the simplicity of it! Presents are all bought or ready to be picked up, house is decorated, cards are out, and all that is left is baking. I fell in love with online shopping this year and will probably stick with it in the future - such good deals and so simple! I'm also loving that I bought many of the gifts with my Swagbucks - how awesome is that?!

I'm back to being a full-time stay-at-home mom. Yay!

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