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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brain Splat

*Goodness, only one week until Christmas! Gifts are wrapped, cards sent. Still working on baking but we seem to be eating more than we are saving. Uh-oh, wonder how sparse our gift plates will be.

*The kids are loving the documentary that I picked up at the library titled "Babies". With a baby coming soon they are into babies everything lately. I didn't realize that the show would showcase the African women so "bare"...if you catch my drift. We did lots of fast forwarding of that yesterday.Then today the kids asked to watch it again and I let them watch it in the entirety. It's a way of life in Africa for some tribes to go shirtless, it's not a sexual thing, and I am fairly open to the body when it's shown in a natural way. I remember seeing pictures of women giving birth when I was young. What would you do...allow your children to watch that or not? Why or why not?

*A big snow system is on it's way - looks like we will be having a white Christmas after all! The kids can't wait for it to arrive.

*I am so thankful that our car insurance covers glass. The whole back window in our car was shattered (we aren't sure how as hubby came out of work to find it that). A $900 repair turned into just a $100 deductible for our insurance. Whew!

*Are you getting tired of my subscription box posts? I have more reviews if you aren't bored of them.



  1. I've seen Babies, and I would let my kids watch it as is. They see me breastfeed, so I doubt they'd think much of it. It's a pretty good movie; I think I saw it on Netflix.

    We're waiting for a big snow here, too. 5-8", yay. At least the kids have an early dismissal tomorrow, so we should all be home before it really gets bad.

  2. I would let my kids watch it. They are showing the human body in a natural state. It is not gratuitous nudity shown in a sexual way

  3. Not sure how the weather was when your window went out. This happened to us several years back when the temperature dropped suddenly and I went out the next morning to go to the store and found pieces of glass all over the driveway. Like you, our insurance covered it. It is always something isn't it?


  4. I enjoy your box subscriptions. So fun to see what's inside!

  5. Beth-
    I don't think that we had drastic temperature changes that week, but it is possible that when the sun hit it that day and it started to warm that it shattered? It was an unusual experience but so glad for the insurance! $100 is sooooooo muc easier to swallow than $900.



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