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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Magic Ornaments

Thanks to a Facebook friend, we were introduced to a new craft to create. Not only was it simple but we had all the ingredients already on hand.
I decided to call them magic ornaments because I didn't tell the kids what would happen and the next morning they thought it was magic to see what their ornaments turned into!

Make shapes out of pipe cleaners

Tie a string to the top (in order to hang on the tree when finished)

Mix 2 cups of boiling water and 6 T. of borax in a glass jar.

Optional: If you want colored ornaments mix a few drops of food coloring in

Submerge the ornament into the solution and let sit overnight.

The next morning you will have some sparkling "magic" ornaments! Let dry on a towel and then hang on the tree!

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