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Monday, December 3, 2012

Stork Stack

Last month the subscription box "Stork Stack" had a discount code for the first box. I decided to try it out and just received the December box today.The theme this month is "Rock, Roll 'n Roar"
I get the infant box so this is what I received:
The subscription is usually $28 a month. While I like everything that I received in this box I would have been highly disappointed had I paid $28 for it.

*Rockabye Baby "Good Day, Good Night" 2 Cd Set ($24.98). This has lullaby renditions of "The Beatles", "u2", "Metallica", etc. I'll be the first to admit that I hate typical lullaby music and that this is a CD that the whole family may actually be able to stand when it's playing (maybe even hubby!) but I would never buy a CD for $25.

*BearHands & Buddies Fleece Mittens ($12.99) Adorable and warm

*EDUSHAPE Baby Maraca ($3.75) Seems to be like something that could be purchased at the dollar store. Not impressed.

*Zubels Guitar Rattle ($17) It's 100% hand knit and organic. Love that aspect as I won't worry about the baby chewing on it now but I wouldn't pay $17 for it.

*Rockin' Green Detergent 4 load sample ($1.25). I LOVE Rockin' Green so this was fun.

This box was valued at $60 this month but I truly don't feel I would pay more than $15 for this whole box without being disappointed. I know that other ages get other items in their boxes and I am curious to see what they receive. I've been impressed with the past boxes that I have seen so wonder if this theme just "isn't us" or if this is an "off month" for Stork Stack. I will probably cancel for now as I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped.

Disclaimer: This is just my honest review of Stork Stack. They have no idea who I am and I was not compensated for this review, nor are there any referral links in this post.


  1. How old is your little one? I got mine today and got an EDUSHAPE sensory ball instead of the maraca. He's 7.5 months.

    I posted my review here:

  2. I'm getting the infant box, since my baby isn't even due until next spring. :)

  3. Don't give up so easily. They send different products every month. I am surprised that you didn't mention several more positives, Such as: The price includes free shipping, Stack was delivered in a timely fashion (your box was shipped on Friday and you wrote the review on Monday), Every subscription ordered, 1 stack is donated to 1 of 2 charities. It seems like the only product you weren't 100% happy with was the Baby maracas. I love that I get a box of surprises every month. Hope you stick with them.

  4. From Edushape:
    Please note, Edushape's Baby Maraca is not a cheaply made dollar store product, as you suggest. In fact it is probably the finest made Baby Maraca available, manufactured in Israel, not China, with a keen focus on safety. It is made of the finest materials, sports an ergonomically designed handle so 3m+ old babies can learn to grasp it early. Stork Stack uses Edushape products for Edushape keen focus on high quality, educational and developmental aspects.
    It has been purposely designed to encourage a baby's Fine/Gross Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Auditory and Visual Sensory Development. The proverb, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" certainly applies here, Elizabeth, as it is quite unlike any rattle which you would find at a dollar store.



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