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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Week

*I'm more then 1/2 finished with Christmas shopping. All of it has been done online thus far, which makes everything oh so easy.

*My Christmas shopping is easier this year since we have adapted the 4 gift rule: "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read". Since the kids really don't need anything to wear this year we are substituting another "something you need" gift. Plus stocking suffers. Loving this simple concept!

*I went from looking a little chubby to completely pregnant in one weeks' time. Uh oh!

*I haven't had much time for reading this past week but am a few chapters into The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble and so far it's okay. Does anyone have as much trouble with keeping characters straight in a book that introduces so many at the beginning and keeps switching back and forth? This book is going to have to get more captivating in order to keep my attention because right now I'm a little lost.

*I dropped off another bag for donation yesterday. But I picked up a few baby outfits at Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul. I am already starting another donation bag today and the kids are doing a toy purge soon...or I'll be doing one for them!

Have you started/finished your Christmas shopping? What are you getting your kids this year?



  1. Our tradition is stockings are filled with silly trinkets, so I haven't bought anything for those yet. However, I'm otherwise done Christmas shopping, unless we decide to do some fun little things for adults in our immediate families. I'd say this year, I did almost 75% of the shopping online. Both kids needed new computers with having college courses this year, so Em got hers as a combo birthday/Christmas present, and Gage just got his on Friday. The funny thing is, his computer, though bought on Black Friday, was not an advertised special, and was cheaper than the others they had! They will otherwise have a handful of gifts under the tree...Em with some college preparation stuff, and Gage with a few video games and dirt bike stuff. This year was super easy, and I am thrilled to have it done! -Marian

  2. Just curious, don't you do Santa at your house? If not, how do you explain to your kids that other kids get gifts from Santa and they need to keep quiet so they won't spoil it for their friends etc? I am about 1/3 done with my shopping. most bought on line. I have 2 adult daughters and one son in law. They tell me what they want. My mother in law will get a Kroger gift card. At age 94, there is not much she needs! Hubby and I don't get each other anything because we buy what we want all the time. We usually get one big gift for the house etc, but we don't know what we want to get yet. He will insist that I get a nice piece of jewelry. That's about it.

  3. We talk about Santa but the kids know that Santa isn't real, so they know the presents come from mom and dad. As far as I know they pretend right along with their friends that santa is real, though several kids their age already know santa isn't real.

    We also do St. Nicholas Day, where the kids stick their shoes on the front porch and later find treats and goodies in them. They do believe in St. Nicholas and don't realize that it's mom or dad sticking the treats in their shoes. Since St. Nicholas was real, and the basis of Santa, we are fine with them believing in this tradition! :) It leaves a little magic to the imagination!

  4. Marian, that's the funny thing about Black Friday - everyone fights to get the good prices but you can usually find better (or at least the same deals) online or closer to Christmas!

    We do the silly/fun things for the stockings too, along with candy so that's usually last minute pick ups for us. Ben and I don't exchange presents but do fill stockings for each other - it's amazing all you can fit in a stocking!

  5. Yes, I am almost done Christmas shopping! Thank goodness.

    Regarding your note on my blog: yeah, I avoided WalMart. I just stuck to Target.



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