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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Box to Basket

Since I've been getting a few subscription boxes I wondered what to do with the boxes once they were empty. I was about to throw them in the recycling bin but they are so sturdy that I hung onto them, thinking I would use them to ship something myself.
I've recently been looking at those linen lined baskets sold at stores for some organizing that needs to be done. I love baskets for everything but new they can be expensive and used they are hard to find. Baskets are great for little trinkets, kids underwear and socks; the possibilities are endless.

While organizing the craft section at work last night inspiration struck. Straightening the decorative Duck brand Duct Tape rolls I ran across adorable penguin design. For just $3.37 I had to buy a roll.

I used a Kiwi Crate box (shown above) and cut the top off. I then chose a piece of scrap book paper (I thought the dark blue paper with white dots reminded me of snow) and cut it to fit in the bottom of the box.
I then just covered the outside and inside of the box with the duck tape. It was incredibly easy. It took less than 20 minutes and this was my first box!
I love the look of it and the boys were excited to stick it on top of their dresser for their treasures. Becca is already begging me for one for her desk so I think I may have to pick up the Hello Kitty design for her.

This box took about half the roll of tape, so cost only about $1.65. That is much, much cheaper than what baskets sell for at stores. I'm anxious to start making some for the baby; baskets for socks, diapers, blankets. There are so many designs of Duck Tape to choose from that you can have a wide variety of baskets.

I think that these would also make adorable gift baskets for giving holiday treats or gifts. Or make baby shower baskets, birthday gifts, or just because gift boxes. Even if the recipient just throws the box away after taking their gifts/goodies out it is still cheaper than buying a basket or even a gift bag in some instances!


  1. Isn't that what you call "thinking outside of the box"? Sorry I had to say it. I love the idea and it is so cute!


  2. What a great idea! The penguins are so cute! I was thinking that if you had a Michael's or AC Moore store in your area...They offer 40% to 50% sometimes more off coupons and I know they sell that Duck Tape there as well...You may be able to snag some cute designs there for a lower price :) Congratulations on the baby girl...So exciting!!



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