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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Citrus Lane

One of the fun things about having a baby so far after my last means that instead of hand-me-downs from my other kids we get to start afresh with baby things.

Having recently gotten on the bandwagon of subscription boxes I was thrilled to come across a code for Citrus Lane, a box I've been wanting to try out! It's a monthly subscription box for infants, babies, and toddlers. They match each monthly themed box to your child's age, so different aged babies/toddlers get different items in their box.

What I love about subscription boxes is that you get to try items that you've never heard about. It's also a total surprise what you are getting each month so it's almost like getting a little present in the mail!
This was my first box from Citrus Lane and the kids and I had a blast going through it...the first things that we've bought for the baby so far!
This month's theme was "Fun With Food". Included in the box was:

*String Bean toy by Under the Nile ($8). Joe has a doll similar to this and it is one of his favorite toys...he sleeps with it and brings it in the car with us so I know the baby will love this, first as a teether and later as a little doll.

*Green Eats set of four snack bowls ($6.99). These are made from recycled milk jugs and are BPA free. I love the green color and I know that these will be favorites of all the kids.

*Goodbyn Snack Container ($5.49). BPA free and perfect for car rides, sticking in a diaper bag, etc.

*Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer ($9) for mama. Can't wait to try this!

*Madecasse Chocolate Squares ($2) for mama. Hiding these for a day when I need them!

About $31.50 worth of items this month. Each Citrus Lane box costs $25 but you can often find good deal codes for them (I bought a Groupon deal for $35 for three months). You may be able to still use the code "takehalf" for 50% off your first box. Otherwise, I know the code SPRINGFUN will take 10% off your order. Some boxes are valued quite higher than this month.

You can also buy a gift subscription for someone...this is a perfect gift for a new mama!!

*This post is not sponsored by Citrus Lane, I just wanted to show off my fun box. Afflilate links are included in this post.*

1 comment:

  1. That's a neat little box of goodies!! I've heard of clubs like this in the US but not here in Canada. Enjoy!! :)



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