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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Week

*Remember that part-time job that I told you about? It's turned out to be not so part-time. I've been scheduled for around 35 hours a week recently and not liking it at all. I had a talk with my supervisor because I was told 15-25 hours at the most and so these hours have come as a surprise to me. Working at the biggest retail stores in the country, in the apparel department, means that I am on my feet the whole shift and for a pregnant lady that can get tiring. I'm scheduled for 6 days straight in the coming week. :( This will be seasonal for me so I'm trying to just get through it but this "part-time" job is eating up more of my time than initially thought. I give props to you working mamas...I don't know how you juggle everything!

*When I get home from or late I am physically exhausted but mentally awake so I've been burning the midnight oil and doing some more reading. This week it was Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury and Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (which is hilarious, but crude with bad language, so do not pick this up if that's not your cup of tea. Typically it's not mine but it was so funny that it made up for that). Any book recommendations that you have?

*We find out next week if we are having a boy or a girl!

*With the colder, darker days upon us I am itching to get out my sewing machine and crochet hook. I just need to find the time. My crafty to-do list is growing: mending, curtains need to be made for Becca's room, scarfs need to be crocheted, and I really would like to learn to knit. And maybe make some Christmas gifts as well. Do you like receiving homemade items for gifts?

*Did you get out and vote today? Was the wait in line long for you?



  1. Working mom secret: We don't juggle it all. Unless you mean having all our balls up in the air at once and they could come crashing down when you least expect it! I know I personally only survive with a detailed desk calendar, that is copied onto my phone calendar (with alarm notification set up), knowing that if I sit down for even one moment after getting home from work my day is over and forget getting anything done, AND spending days off with a list of "to do's" and errands a mile long. BUT, I enjoy it, because I also work a job I adore.

    That being said, I've finally sat down for the night, and other than some emails and college stuff to address, my day is DONE.

    And home made Christmas...considering all the things I've been seeing on Pinterest, yes, I love it.


  2. Beth- I am surprised that you even went to work outside of the home after what you have blogged about in the past and being pregnant to boot! Grant you, it is probably nice to get away from the kids and relate to some adult situations and it is nice to be getting a paycheck. It isn't just Walmart that ends up giving you more hours than what you signed up for; so to speak. We hear people talk about that a lot. Suddenly they get more hours than they bargained for. Is the job worth what you are going through? Only you can decide that. I love homemade Christmas gifts and always have so many ideas and never seem to be able to do them all. I just don't have the time or is it that I don't use my time wisely? Hoping you can get some crafting done; sounds like you have some great ideas! Take care of yourself- Aunt Pat



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