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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Homemade Toner

For years I've been using Proactiv products to clean my face. Not only were they expensive (less so for me since I bartered a large amount from someone who no longer used it for some children's clothing) but it also stopped working for my skin after a few years.

When I ran out of the Proactiv toner I decided I wanted something more natural and a lot less expensive. I searched around for recipes for making your own and finally found one with products that I already had on hand. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it works just as well as any of the more expensive toners that I've used before.
All you need is a squeeze bottle or other dispenser (I used my old Proactiv bottle)
Witch Hazel
Essential Oil of your choice

Mix about 70% witch hazel to 30% water (you can experiment with what your skin will need...the next batch you may want less or more witch hazel). Add a couple drops of the essential oil. All I had on hand was tea tree oil, which is great for oily and problem skin. The mixture doesn't smell great but you get used to it after a few days and the smell goes away when dry. Study the essential oils to see what is best for your skin type - chamomile would be great for dry or sensitive skin, orange oil for greasy, and so on.

I estimate each bottle worth (which should last me a month or more) to cost about 10 cents.


  1. Elizabeth, another that works well is to take some plantian weed, chop it up, steep it in vinegar for a few weeks, strain & voila! Great for your skin!
    Plantain grows pretty much everywhere, & even in the winter you may find a few unrelenting leaves. God Bless!

  2. Love it! Thank you :)
    I have been using witch hazel for year, but never thought of adding oils....

  3. Could you tell me how much tea tree oil you used? Thanks.


  4. My bottle is small. I filled it 2/3 full of witch hazel, then filled the rest with water and added two drops of tea tree oil. It has been the perfect combination for me!

  5. Lisa, I'm going to have to google plantain and see what it looks like. This would be perfect for me to try in the spring, I can surely find some in my brother's woods! Thank you!!

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