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Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 1st Fun

A tradition we do every year is to make Christmas Counting Chains on the 1st of December. We make chains out of 24 red and green construction paper strips. Every morning the kids tear one chain off which results in them tearing the very last chain off on Christmas morning.

The kids were so excited that they started on their project before getting out of their pjs, before school, even before breakfast!

It helps them actually see how long until Christmas, without continually asking. It also is a nice little decoration as we hang them around the house.


  1. That's a great idea. So simple, yet so effective. My 6 year old was just asking me yet again this morning how many days it is until Christmas. We are sort of bored today since I cancelled school for another sick day. I think we may just do this project right now.


  2. When our kids were little, a friend gave me angels that you stapled together into a chain. It came with an Advent calendar. I remember how much enjoyment the boys got out of adding an angel each day which is the reverse of what you are doing. It is an absolutely wonderful tradition and you are creating wonderful memories for your kids.



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