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Monday, December 6, 2010


I sit in the office which is dark except for the glow of the Christmas lights from the tree that we managed to get up on Saturday evening. I was basking in the sound of silence earlier...something that I don't get enough of around here lately! Sipping on a glass of water, eating a clementine, and working on some Christmas cards.

It hit me just today that with this weekend about over there is only two more full weekends before Christmas arrives. I decided that I better get cracking on my holiday baking, which I enjoy having done well in advance. Tomorrow the kids and I will be working on almond bark pretzels and I'll need to start on some of the cookies and breads later this week. I'll be share to share several of my favorite recipes with you all.

We did a little Christmas shopping on Saturday. The stores weren't too crowded and we went shopping knowing exactly what we were going to buy so didn't do any impulse buying. With that said, while we shopped smart, we did still shop and spend. I have my purse by me and after finishing with this blog post plan to balance the checkbook. Not something that I am looking forward to. Because while we have not increased our spending on anything out of the ordinary of late we have had bills (vet, eye doctor, etc.) that like to all come at once. It seems that I need to revamp the budget to keep us afloat. That may be good news for you all, if you enjoy my budget challenges, as I will be doing an exciting little challenge at the very beginning of next year. Stay tuned for that.

I've been in a funky mood as of late. I blame it on the lingering sadness of my Grandmother's passing as well as the blah darkness that creeps in around November. The time change in early November never bodes well with my internal clock and always throws me out of whack. That, along with us being cooped up indoors more with the colder weather means that I'm trying to be more creative with keeping the kids busy and also trying to motivate myself to snap out of it. That's life though, huh? This too shall pass.

I glanced at the calendar to see that one of my best friend's, Dee, will be celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary this week. Then I realized that I will be celebrating my own 10th wedding anniversary early next spring. Could I really have been married for close to 10 years? And yet, could we really have only been married 10 years? It sounds like such an eternity, and yet it feels like I have known my husband forever. It's a strange thing, this thing called marriage.

I'm off to balance my checkbook and then savor the silence some more by curling up and finishing the book I've been reading.

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