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Thursday, December 16, 2010


My computer crashed yesterday. I knew it was coming, as my computer has been dying a slow death for months now. Actually, it hasn't been quite right since the day I bought it.

I knew I was going to have to buy a new computer sooner or later so wasn't too shocked when I turned it on and only got system restore notices...over and over and over again. Then I realized that my pictures - all my pictures from the last 3 years - are on my hard drive. I'm kicking myself for not backing them up on something and hoping that since I got my computer a little past the system restore function that maybe there is hope for retrieving the photos. I did try to download all my pictures to snapfish a few weeks ago to order prints in case my computer died anytime soon but it took over an hour to download 12 pictures. Uh, yeah, that tells you how bad my computer had gotten.

I'm working on a borrowed computer and will be searching internet deals and store ads the next several days to see if I run across a good deal on either a desktop or a laptop. I'm having trouble downloading pictures from my camera to this (borrowed) computer so will work on that tomorrow or just delay pictures on my posts until I get my own computer. Computers are such fun, aren't they?!

Besides my computer crashing yesterday, my van window wouldn't roll down. I'm hoping that it is just frozen but couldn't hear the motor even trying to open the window. Please don't let it be a dead motor!

These things are just drops in the bucket of life though and I may as well let those drops roll off my back. While our checkbook may be a bit lighter at the end of this month this too shall pass.

Christmas is gettin' done in this household. Most of the presents are bought and wrapped, Christmas cards are getting sent out, and some holiday goodies are already waiting for us in the freezer. I had to pause for a moment when I realized today that Christmas is next week! This month is speeding on by. And the day after Christmas is my hubby's birthday so I have two special events to plan for next week.

School is getting caught up on after a lull in assignments in November. Or rather, an unexpected vacation after some unexpected events. It's all good though and by the beginning of the new year we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming. So far Jacob is proving to be a little math whiz and Becca has stopped fussing while working on her reading assignments and has instead been wanting to get at them with gusto as of late since she is finally getting it. Now if only she had that light bulb moment with math...


  1. Perhaps a computer tech could somehow retrieve your photos? It's a possibility. When you get your new computer you may want to consider backing up your pictures to a flash drive.

    Also, I purchased a new laptop 8 months ago when my old laptop crashed. Computers do not last very long these days and it seems that the prices aren't too bad. The person that works on my computer told me that he will probably be out of business in the next ten years as it is cheaper to buy a new computer than to get it fixed.

    This means that our landfills will get even fuller with all of our electronics.

  2. That happened with my sienna. It would go up eventually in little spurts if i let the motor cool inbetween. I quit opening the window of course. The mechanics would roll it down everytime i brought it into the shop and i would get soo mad. IT wasn't their fault though we do live in florida it's hot. They said it would cost 400$ at teh dealer you can do much better elsewhere.



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