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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Quickie

Just wanted to send a quick update. I'm not in the mood for writing. I wish I could crawl into bed (or in this case, the uncomfortable sofa) and sleep until this is over.

Since I can't (I can sit in this room for hours but the minute I attempt to lie down someone comes in!) I will write out the latest.

The chest tube is still not out. There is still some air in the abdomen so another day of that. Which means more x-rays. More days in the hospital. More chances of going insane.

We did hear that is for sure a Wilm's Tumor. We won't know which type until tomorrow (favorable or not). I pray, pray, pray that it is the favorable type, as that responds very well to the treatment. The other one...well, the statistics are scary on that one. Please don't let it be that type, God. The oncologist did say that from the way it has acted so far he thinks it seems like the favorable type but he can't say which it is. I'm clinging to hope right now, clinging to his words and hoping he is right.

With that said, Jacob will be starting chemo on Monday...yes, one week from today we will be back here getting his first treatments. The oncologist didn't go into much detail because we won't have any specifics until the whole pathology report is in but his chemo treatments can take several days at a time...which means more hospital stays for us. I'm not sure how we will be working this as Ben doesn't have a whole lot of paid time off but I'm sure that we will juggle childcare with the other two somehow - we have to one way or another.

It's all happening so fast, and yet so slowly at the same time. It's been a real wait to get this chest tube out and to hear the pathology reports; and yet the actions of the team are quick. He was diagnosed quickly, was able to be operated on quickly, and will be starting his treatments quickly. It's hard to process so much at once but also means that we are getting the ball rolling too.

It is odd how quickly life changes. Just 12 days ago everything was normal. Now we've spent 8 days in the hospital and will be starting chemo in a week. It makes me wish with every part of my being that I had fully appreciated my normal everyday life. Because that is no more.


  1. Elizabeth:

    Psalm 91.

    Martha from Oskaloosa, Iowa

  2. Hoping and praying for the best, Beth. Believe me, everyday I have thought how things changed for you in an instant. I've often thought, "just a week ago no one could have imagined this". I could relate to so many things in your life - the household chores, bills, being happy about little things like putting together some coupons, the laundry, cleaning, etc. I've given my own son extra hugs since this all came about. I realize the small things we take for granted, really mean so much.

  3. Oh honey. We will continue to pray.


  4. Praying for Jacob and strength for you and your entire family!!

  5. I just heard about your son's diagnosis from a lovely blogger who asked others to pray for your family. Had to stop by to tell you that I will pray for your son and your family. I have read through the posts on Jacob and feel the heartbreak. I just can't imagine and wish I could say something profound to bring you a bit of light. The Lord loves Jacob in a perfect way and will not fail him. No matter what, Jesus is holding your boy.

    Thank you for being so transparent on your blog about this. Not only does it allow us the blessing to pray for you but it shows us all that we can not take our days for granted.

    I will be praying. I hope it is encouraging to know that many who do not even know you are diligently praying for your son.

  6. Still here supporting you and my heart breaks for you and your family.

  7. Elizabeth

    I would have your husband check into Family Medical Leave. It does not pay a ton, but enough to pay the most important of the bills if he does need to take time off. I am a single mom and my daughter has been in the hospital for months at a time. The FMLA is the thing that has kept us from losing our house. It is a federal program so I am sure it is in every state in some form.

  8. Dear Elizabeth,
    My heart still aches for you and your little Jacob. As well as the rest of your beautiful family. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I could hear my own voice from a year and a half ago. I said much of the same in the posts to my friends,family and total strangers. The waiting, the fears and the unknown can really wear you out. God is giving you the strength to endure this journey. I know the tendency to keep asking why,why,why is always there. But try to say to God.. Ok God.. You brought me to this season in my life and I know you will walk with me through it. He is and He will dear one. Blessings,prayers and a sister hug to you and yours... Kristy

  9. I do not comment every day but I want you to know that we are thinking about you and praying for you. I would love for my children to send your son cards if you are willing. pam.petrie@us.army.mil



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