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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jacob's Progress

My mom stayed overnight at the Ronald McDonald House (which is just a few blocks from the hospital) so was able to visit with me last night and much of today. She just left, along with my dad and sister who came to pick her up, and Jacob is now asleep for a nap. After he wakes up he can eat supper (he has a good appetite!) and go to the playroom.

He is off all IV medicine and is doing great with just Motrin. They just took him off suction, will take another x-ray tonight to make sure he is doing good off suction (boy, I hate all these x-rays) and then maybe be able to pull the chest tube tomorrow. At the very earliest maybe we can go home tomorrow evening but I'm guessing the discharge date will probably be Tuesday.

Once again, I forgot another important occasion. I called my husband this morning to talk and only realized after I talked to him that I forgot to say "Happy Birthday". My husband turned 33 today. I didn't even get to give him a birthday hug. So sweetie, if you are reading this...Happy Birthday and I Love You!

I'm trying to continue taking this one day at a time. I've been in here so long that it feels like a prison. I hope that we are paroled soon. Thank you all again for all your prayers and well wishes...at times you are my only connection to the outside world!


  1. Sending good vibes from our family in Dubuque. I can't imagine what you and Ben are going through. I hope that Jacob is discharged soon, so that you two can go home. It must be hard on all of your family.

  2. Praying for good results off suction and release from your prison . Hugs from Kansas

  3. I knew Jacob was trying to stay awake and felt badly he couldn't with me there. He needs his rest and will need naps when he gets home, too, as his body heals. I cannot tell you how good it was to see Jacob smiling so much today!

  4. Continued thoughts and prayers for both of you and your family.

  5. Just stopping by to get updates and let you know you and yours are still constantly on my mind and in my prayers.

  6. Elizabeth,

    I stumbled upon your site tonight purely by chance and can hardly believe I landed here at this precise moment in time. My son Dillon (whose middle name happens to be Jacob :) ) was diagnosed with Wilms tumor 4 years ago. My heart goes out to you! I can very much relate to what you're going through now!

    Dillon's cancer was stage III, but his came back with very uncommon pathology results (with something called "diffuse anaplaisia") so I'm suspecting his treatment and Jacob's treatment might be very similar.

    We went through a few weeks of radiation treatment and 6 months of chemo (and surgery at the very beginning, like you). 4 1/2 years later Dillon is still in remission and doing GREAT! I know how devastating a situation this is, but I hope I can encourage you in a small way tonight by sharing our success story. We've been blessed with a very happy ending, despite the rough road Dillon traveled initially, and over the last few years I've met dozens (literally) of other families who have seen their children successfully win this battle and go on to flourish.

    Please feel free to write to me if you need an ear. I'm not sure anyone can truly understand what this is like unless they've been through it themselves. I also know of a wonderful online support group for parents of kids diagnosed with Wilms tumor if you're interested in additional support/people to talk with that "get it"...

    I'll keep Jacob and your entire family in my prayers and I'll be sure to check back soon to see how he's doing.





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