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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Grocery Update

Somehow I walked out of the grocery store without my receipt so I can't list what I bought (how convenient, right?!) but I can tell you that I spent $63.47. Our menu is as follows:
Goulash and garlic bread
homemade mac & cheese and chicken nuggets
minute steaks, corn casserole, and baked potatoes
Breakfast for supper (eggs, toast, hashbrowns, bacon)
Chicken noddle soup
Enchilada Casserole and Mexican Rice

All are served with vegetables and other sides. There are some repeats from last weeks menu because I didn't get around to making them last week. With the kids sick we ate lightly and had cereal one night and snacked the other night.

Sorry that I can't list the groceries I bought but once again, I came in way under budget and will just need to pick up some eggs that I forgot. A family of five eating for $65 a week isn't too bad!


  1. That's petty darned impressive! I LOVE breakfast for dinner too. =)

  2. Ever since you have been posting about your spending habits, I have been looking at mine. I do spend around $100-$115 a week for a family of four. Two are adults and an 18 year old boy, and a 15 year old girl. I am trying to figure out how to lower my bill. It has been creeping up on me. I guess the worst part is packing lunches for everyone but me. My kids don't carry lunch boxes so I have to buy prepackaged fruit bowls or applesauce bowls. I guess the little things do add up. Your posts are keeping me going. Keep it up.


  3. Hi Beth-
    I'm so glad my grocery budget can be an inspiration to someone! I figure that it will rise when I have teenagers in the house so I say that you are doing well!



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