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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Grocery Update

After a fun (and late!) night out last night to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday I was just too tired today to figure out a menu and a grocery list. That will be done on Monday. Hubby wanted to use up some more of those free food coupons (which we got when we bought the freezer last week) so we did make a quick trip to the store. Here is our latest shopping trip:

3 Snickers candy bars 67 cents x3 (free with coupon and a snack for the ride home)

Shaved white turkey meat $2.06 (free with coupon)

Cheese sticks $5.99 (free with coupon)

2 bags frozen corn $1.67 x2 (free with coupon)

Frozen potato patties $3 (free with coupon)

2 Digiorno pizzas with breadsticks $7.29 x2 (free with coupons since I am hosting a Digiorno HouseParty...more about that later!)

1 bag potato chips $2.50 (hubby wanted them)

2 20oz. bottles soda 69 cents x2 (kids were dying of thirst)

2 2ltrs. soda 49 cents x2 (hubby stuck them in cart)

Popcorn $2.88

Bread $1.88 (free with coupon)

4 gallons of Organic milk clearanced due to close expiration date $2 x4 (usually $6.89 each...we will use two this week and I froze the other two...yes, milk can be frozen!)

Breyers Black Raspberry ice cream $3 (free with coupon)

Fully cooked bacon $2.99 (free with coupon)

Chicken nuggets $6.49 (had $5 off coupon)

8 pkg. of Bounty paper towels $4.88

Toilet paper $2.99

2 lbs. strawberries $1.38 x2

Green grapes 1.45 lb. $1.44

Total: $30.13

I still have $45 to spend for the week. Lots of what I bought this week with the free coupons will be put in the freezer for later use so will help our food budget later in the month (or year!). Some of the food which I got free with coupons was more processed than we typically buy but we will eat it and can incorporate it into healthy meals.

I will post my menu on Monday and how much I spent at the grocery store then.

1 comment:

  1. What a great deal you got on the freezer and all the free food to fill it. Good for you.



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