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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Remember Not To Forget

I don't want to come across as one of those women who constantly complains about her man. We all know someone like that...the woman who belittles her spouse, the woman who has a husband who just can't please her, the woman who is always right. After looking through some blog posts I realize that I have come across that way several times. I tend to complain when something isn't going right but I "forget" to write about our life when things are going great.

My husband is gone at his late evening dental appointment to get three cavities filled as I write this. Since our dentist is in another town and the appointments tend to take awhile, it is 7pm as I write this and he is still not home. That means that all day we have only seen him for a brief moment as he stopped home after work to get ready for his appointment. That makes for a very LONG day.

It also makes me realize why it is so much easier when my husband is home. He loads and unloads the dishwasher every single day, he plays with the kids, he keeps them occupied while I take a long soak in the tub, he helps clean up around the place, and so much more. But it isn't those things that make him a great husband, it is the fact that I look forward to him arriving home. Not just so I get a break from the kids or the house but because I look forward to talking to him and having him near. Yes, after close to nine years of marriage I still miss him when he is gone at work for eight hours or more a day.

Tonight isn't the first night that I am reminded how lucky I am. I not only have a husband who helps me clean and take care of the kids, but I have a husband who comes home every single night after work and one who often reminds us that it is the only place he would want to be. He has no desire to stop off at a bar with "buddies" or spend his weekends watching the game at a friends house. At the end of a hard day at work he just wants to come home. To us.

That counts for a lot. I know other women who don't have it so lucky. Who try to force their husbands to stay home only to have them home but not present in their life. Other women have to force their husband to be a father; they have to beg to get them to care for their own children. Some couldn't get their man to touch a dish with a dishrag, much less change a dirty diaper. Others have to worry about alcohol, drugs, porn, or other women. This post is not to brag. If your husband is not the man you hoped he would be, do not despair. Things can and do change in a marriage. My husband wasn't as kind or considerate when we first married as he is now. A marriage is constantly evolving and with hard work and a lot of dedication and prayers, it often can evolve for the better.

Rather, I hope that all my readers have a kind and considerate husband. And this post is to remind you (and me!) to remember just that. Sometimes it's just too easy to forget.


  1. Great post. I count myself very blessed with an awesome husband who is not only my spouse, but my best friend. :) It seems like everywhere you look, husbands are bashed and belittled and you rarely hear a wife saying something positive about her man.

  2. Great post! And so true! We feel the need to vent and have someone agree with us when we are mad at our spouse, so we call a friend (or blog) but then we don't share that our hubby cleaned the kitchen or bathroom or watched the kids for us to go somewhere.

    And you're right, marriages do evolve. Our marriage is so different (and better) now than it was 2 years ago or 5 years ago...

    I'm also very blessed to have a great hubby who helps around the house (not as much as I'd like LOL but he does do stuff) spends time with his kids and is just a great guy who makes me laugh and feel special every day.

  3. I too have a kind and considerate husband who always puts his family first. After twenty years I am still amazed at how blessed I am.

  4. Fab post! My hubby is the best---and I know I don't tell him that often enough!

  5. I have an awesome husband as well. I am very blessed that he puts his family first. I am a lucky girl!



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