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Monday, March 29, 2010

Being sick for a week did not throw me for a loop. I am always on top of my game when it comes to everything so I did not do things quite unusual, such as:

When I went to return a Redbox movie rental I did not disregard the directions on how to return it with the arrow pointing a certain way but rather in my cold induced fog just jam the case into the machine and then push it in harder when it didn't go in, only to get the darn DVD stuck in the machine with no way to push it in or pull it out. It wasn't I who had to go to the service desk to explain my predicament and have the lady ask in a rude tone "if I put it in per the directions". Nope, wasn't me at all that did that!

I did not serve my family frozen pizza one night and pizza rolls the next night. I know how that is complete and utter crap and food like that doesn't even pass through our door, much less be served two nights in a row in our household. Not me and my house!

When I called to cancel my daughter's dentist appointment due to her cold I did not get everyone situated in preparation for the call. Phone conversations are not a difficult task in this household so I did not arrange things so that this call would go well, even deciding to keep the toddler happy on my hip as I made the call. Once I was on the phone explaining that we would need to reschedule the appointment my toddler did not start into a loud coughing fit right in my ear (and the phone!). I did not have to repeatably ask her to repeat herself and we did not end our phone call as quickly as possible. Not me...no problems with phone conversations in this house!

Happy Not Me! Monday!


  1. no one to take care of mommy! I hope you feel better.

  2. I have done that very same thing at Redbox. And I learned my lesson well, after the humiliation! I hope you all feel better soon.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I giggled right out loud, actually, laughed is better word.

  4. lol at the redbox inncident....sorry =( Also pizza rolls make their way into my oven at least once pre month...

  5. HAHAHA the bit about having to make a phone call CRACKED ME UP! Same here. I usually have hubby watch the kids for me to make important calls.



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