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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grocery Update and Outside Fun

I was finally able to get my menu planned out and took a trip to the grocery store today. I'm going to admit right off the bat that we have fudged our "Lenten goal" this week and bought both soda and candy in the same trip. I'm fessing up though and keeping it real!

My menu for this week is as follows:

Chef's Salad

Goulash and garlic bread

Homemade mac & cheese and chicken nuggets

Tuna noodle salad and rolls




All these are served with side dishes, of course.

My shopping trip:

Digorno pizza $6.99 (minus $4 coupon)

Twix bar, sour skittles, and starbursts 60 cents x3

3 cans store brand soda 25 cents x3, can deposit 5 cents x3

string cheese $2.99

cotton balls $1.29

two packages corn tortilla 69 cents x2

Cadbury Eggs $2.99 (forgive me, I was craving them!)

Dole Salad $1.69

toothbrush $1.29

2.19lb. bananas $1.29

sunflower seeds 89 cents

roma tomatoes 1.09lbs. $2.17

head of lettuce $1.09

garbanzo beans 99 cents

2 packages ground beefs $2.01 and $2.09

chicken sandwich meat $2.89

shell macaroni 99 cents

noodles $1.19

Total: $37.48

Which brings my grand total for the week up to around $68. Under $75 again!

We have been enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having. All the snow has melted now and our temperatures have been in the 50's this week. The kids have been having a blast outside!

I hope all of you are enjoying nice weather as well. It makes for some very happy, and tired, kiddos at the end of the day!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for outside weather! And we ate Tacos last night :)



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