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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Spring has finally arrived. Although, waking up this morning you wouldn't guess it as we had a few inches of fresh snow overnight. This whole weekend will have chances of snow but from the looks of it next week will once again be in the 50's so it should be melted soon enough.

We have been dealing with sickness in the house all week; if you noticed my new Twitter account over there --------------------------------------------------------------> you probably already know this. It's a creepy crud cold that has left the kids coughing like seals and miserable. I woke up this morning with a sore throat so I suppose I am next in line for it. I won't complain too much as this is our first cold since last November, staying cold-free for four months during the winter months in a household with children is almost something for the record books.

I hope to head to the store later today before I start feeling worse and stock up on some good for us food for the week. I will post my menu and shopping trip later today. One thing I wanted to share is that this week for TOPS we are supposed to keep a food journal. It made me realize that some weeks we are lacking something in the diet...whether it be enough protein, enough vegetables, and so on. This week, by keeping my food journal I noticed a lack of fruits. Besides the juice I have been drinking I have not been consuming enough fruit so I hope with this I will become more aware of everything we eat and make more balanced choices. Now I am craving fruit so will need to stock up on that at the store.

I'll be back later with updates!

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