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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty Yourself Up

I have felt like crud lately. It's probably because I have been dealing with the creepy cruddy cold that the kids and I have had but just looking in the mirror made me feel more cruddy - because I looked like it as well.

Don't get me wrong, I've never been one of those ladies who look as though they just walked out of a magazine page. No where close to it. I hate to admit it but I am "one of those moms" who tends to think "Why get prettied up just to spend all day with kids?". There have been times that I have taken more care of my appearance and I liked how I felt. It is the same mentality of getting dressed and out of your pajamas in the morning even if you are going to stay at home all day, just so that you will feel ready for your day and not laze about. So goes putting a little effort into your appearance...get prettied up for the day so that you will feel pretty. Just because I am home all day doesn't mean I need to look and feel like crud.

Today I woke up and wanted to feel like a normal human being again. I straightened my hair (can I just admit that I am soooooo tired of my frizzy curly hair?!) and put makeup on. I wasn't going anywhere special today, just to the grocery store with the kids, but I felt better about myself. And my plan is to do this every day this week. To see if it improves my mood.

What I could really use is a wardrobe overhaul. I have nothing to "dress up" in. It seems to constantly be jeans and a sweatshirt or t-shirt for me. Throw in a sweater here or there and call it complete. Boring!! It is so hard for me to find clothes that I like and that I can afford and that I don't ruin. I'm a klutz like that and get bleach stains or food stains on almost all my favorite clothes within the first or second wearing of the item. Whether it is my fault or a child wiping their sticky paws on me, stains on my clothing seem to be the bane of my existence. So I feel really bad looking at a blouse or skirt to buy knowing that it may be money wasted once I ruin it. Sigh.

At least this week my hair and make-up will be looking good and hopefully I will be feeling good this week because of it!

How do you brighten up your mood when you feel and look down in the dumps?


  1. I feel the same way! I've never understood why moms get dressed, wear make up, do their hair, and don high heels to take their kids to storytime at the library. Crazy! Anyway, I usually wear jewelry with my simple clothes or wear a bit of make up when I feel frumpy! And there is nothing like getting your hair cut and styled at a salon!

  2. When do you have the time to even look for clothes shopping with kids is impossible. I dye my hair. Since having kids I feel tired looking all the time so I always wear at least a bit of makeup everyday. Oh and it doesn't help that my dh in the past has said that I save the ugly me for at home (meaning not putting makeup on). Yeah guys can be jerks but he had a point!

  3. Jess, love to get a new haircut! Usually, at least. I got a new one a few weeks ago and hate it but plan on growing it out a little and going to get a cut and highlights, especially to cover the few grey hairs I have been noticing lately.

    Jodi, yes, the shopping with kids is another reason I don't have any dress up clothes...it's just too hard to try to pick something out and try it on with three kiddos running through the store. I always wonder how those "always polished" moms do it but maybe it's because they are rarely with their children to begin with?

  4. I try to at least wear mascara and lip gloss everyday. Makes me feel more human. {grin} You have a really nice blog!



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