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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Failure x 2

Yep, I failed my challenge again this month. On Thursday evening we had $183.75 left for the month. Then I paid a $133.00 electric bill. Then we went grocery shopping and spent $65.00. Well, I take that back. When looking at my grocery receipts I saw that they charged us twice for the same watermelon, so we will be getting $5 of that grocery bill back next time we are at that particular store (another reminder to check those receipts!). It still means that those two purchases alone brought us $14.25 over budget. Then my husband bought some sneakers that he desperately needed (seriously, his other ones are falling apart!) so that was another $40 over budget. Looks like right now we are around $1,254.25. I don't foresee much shopping for the next three days so we are still under what we were in June when we attempted this budget (we went over about $150 that month).

I'm okay with that. I'm actually impressed with it. This challenge was for myself and I came pretty darn near to making the goal. *pats self on back*


  1. I think you did a good job! Will you be doing a budget challenge for Sept also?

  2. I don't think you failed at all. You just did not reach your goal this month, that's all. You came pretty darn close tho! I think that your budget should be able to be adjusted for insane weather so you don't have to count the elecetric bill. LOL

    I am afraid to see what my electric bill will be this month becaue we have had several days where my air was on from about 7am to 7 pm and ran non stop. I am so NOT a fan of summer heat!
    I hope that you will attempt this again for September as you were SO close!

  3. Yeah! Still very impressive!

  4. Our worst bill this year for electric was 435$. Yep it's florida we live in a mobile home and we hever have our air below 78. Most of the time 79 or 80 WTF!



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