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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

*I hate it when you have to call a company to cancel an auto-ship account. Luckily, the subscription boxes that I love can all be canceled through e-mail (so easy!) but just yesterday I had to call two companies to cancel. The Honest Company now sells their diapers at Target so there is no reason for me to have a subscription when I can watch for Target sales, use my debit Redcard for 5% off, and get free shipping. Luckily, besides the long wait time, the subscription itself was easy to cancel.

Proactive, on the other hand, is insane. First of all, I had to try them out again as nothing I try is helping my breakouts. I don't know if it's hormones or stress or both but my skin is like a teenagers again. So I wanted to try Proactive again. Silly me, I didn't read the fine print and didn't realize that future shipments, for a 3 month supply, would be $109! No way - even if it works great I can't afford that! So, I call to cancel. And I can't. The guy is giving me the run around and I get flustered. I push auto-ship back to November and plan to call later to cancel. Seriously, it shouldn't be this hard to cancel and at this point I don't want to purchase from a company that is so pushy.
*Matilda Jane is having a good sale on some of their items. My friend got me hooked on their adorable clothes when she sent me the above dress for Amy. I die of cuteness! Their prices are way out of my price range, except for this sale, and some used pieces on Facebook. Goodness, it's dangerous on the pocketbook to have a girl!

*This may be an odd question, but how many dishes do you have in your cupboard? I'm constantly washing dishes, it seems, and I think I realize now that the problem is that we have too many dishes so I let them pile up longer than I should. Really, does one need 15 coffee cups or 12 plates? What is a reasonable amount of dishes for someone who doesn't entertain?!

*My goal for cleaning today is one garbage bag filled for donation and one garbage bag filled with garbage. I'm sure I can get a bag of garbage alone from my desk, which needs to be sorted and organized. :/ I've put it off long enough!

*Giveaway winner of the Willow & Sage magazine is Luna Lissa. Please e-mail your address! The winner of Snack Girl to the Rescue! was Jill G. and it's already been claimed and sent. There are some fun giveaways in the work so stay tuned!

I'm joining Jennifer in Thursday Thoughts! 


  1. I just canceled Proactive too. However, the person I talked to didn't really give me a hard time about it. He asked why I wanted to cancel, and if I wanted to try the plus version. That was it. Maybe if you call back, you'll get someone that's not so pushy. I hate calling too! Good luck!

    1. I will call back tomorrow and see how it goes. I hate pushy sales people. :(

  2. Hey Elizabeth,
    I hope this post doesn't contain TMI, and I will try to tone it down! HA! If you are having break outs, I would recommend washing with water only. The other products strip your skin of its natural oils and cause you to overproduce. Try it for 2 weeks, and see if your body adjusts.
    My GYN (who is sadly retired and lives in CA now) was a very wise Korean man that realized that we are all "brainwashed by P & G". Through his practice, he was able to discern that the women who looked (and smelled) the best were the ones that used little to no artificial product. He told all of his patients to use NO SOAP and drink a bunch of water.
    He outlines this in a book he wrote "Chunging" (his name is Yunjo Chung). Not exactly a NY Bestseller, but it makes so much sense.
    As an OBGyn, he especially advises nothing artificial on the girl parts, as this area is the cleanest there is, it is designed to pass a baby through. Catch my drift?
    Also, the front girl part produces an enzyme that automatically cleans the back part, if you know what I mean. If you use soap there, well, you are stripping it.
    Much like we do with our faces.
    Anyway, sorry if this is a rant, but I feel very strongly about this, and have not used soap to shower (only water) for the past 20 plus years.
    You really won't smell ( folks that do are not washing at all)
    & Dr Chung looked 40, and was 70!!! (& always looked impeccable)
    Anyway, it is worth a try; it certainly won't cost you any money!
    Just remember, our skin is designed to fix itself, from head to toe!

    1. I'm scared to try this as my face and hair get so greasy just overnight. But, I have heard that by stripping the oils you are just making the glands produce more, so you are probably on to something. I bet there is an "adjustment period" though. I guess it can't make it much worse though, so I shall try!

    2. With all the goodies from your boxes, I knew this may be hard! I, too, love to smell products. But try, just for a couple of weeks. Just splash water on your face, or use a washcloth (not necessary though), and dry with a towel. You WILL feel clean. Same with the shower. I promise. If you feel the need, do several times a day, just DON"T use any product.
      You still wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, and can wash your hair, you are just letting your skin recover from the hiatus that are commercial products. It's not like you are fermenting in your goo without any hygiene at all ( this is a term hubby and I came up with, when we get up, clean chicken coops, goat kennels, chop wood, etc etc, without a shower. We call it a FIG day Ferment In Goo.. HAHA)
      You can use you sweet smelling products on your arms or legs, if you are going through withdrawl
      Hope you give it a try!



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