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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

After a rough start to my garden (late frost, hungry bugs or bunnies), things seem to be going well now.

The square foot gardening method that I am using this year is giving me plenty of space, maybe too much as there are several empty squares yet!

We've already enjoyed radishes and rhubarb from the garden and the kids like to help me water, though they leave the weeding up to me. :/

I'm excited to see several gardens popping up in the neighborhood. When we moved here 8 years ago it seems that we were one of the few with a backyard garden. Now there is one behind us, one across the street, and several down the block. It's great to see people working in their yards again, growing some of their own food, and becoming urban farmers! New to our town this year is a community garden where residents can rent a plot for a small fee and have their own garden. Perfect for those with no yard space. I think that the whole garden has been rented out now and I love going past and seeing the progress.

The library even rented a plot this year and the summer reading kids can go once a week to learn about gardening, work in the garden, and probably enjoy the fruits of their labor later this year. Becca and Joe are loving it!

It's about time that we are all getting back to our roots.

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