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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jacob's Day

Yesterday was hard but we tried to make it a celebration of Jacob's life and do things that would have made him happy.
Our "presents for Jacob" this year was a cart filled with animal supplies for the Humane Society.
Jacob loved animals and adopted his own cat, Skippy, from this same Humane Society two years ago, so I know he would be happy with this choice.
Carrying the supplies into the shelter:
We also ate at KFC (one of his favorites), had some cupcakes, handed several little baggies of coins with his card throughout town for others to find (pop machine, car wash, etc.). We lit sparklers (the same boxes that we lit with Jacob last year), wrote messages on balloons and sent them into the sky, watched Star Wars.

And we missed him terribly.


  1. Hugs and Prayers to your Family Elizabeth. I am so sorry for your loss,

  2. hugs for you and your family on this especially hard day. I think your plans to honor Jacob were perfect!

  3. So so very sorry for your sadness. But I have to say what an amazing day and I wanted to share with you we adopted a stray from the river it's black kitten and has the smallest cloud shape white tuff on chest and his name is....drum roll dark vadar

  4. May God bless you and comfort you in your loss.

  5. Thinking of you and your family, sending prayers for God's continued strength, comfort, encouragement and healing! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
    Farmgirl Hugs!

  6. I cannot even imagine or grasp your pain...but I was truly touched by how you celebrated your son's memory in so many Special Ways. I am sure he was looking down...cheering and loving every special moment you created.

    Blessings and Farmgirl Hugs,



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