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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I'm linking up with Jennifer for her Thursday Thoughts.

Why is it that the outdoors can instantly settle a fussy baby down? Amy loves outside. To the point that she fusses the minute we step inside. It's not exactly a relaxing time outdoors with her though. No sipping tea or reading books on the porch while she plays in the yard. She is on the go, and fast, so must be followed and watched at all times. And corralled back into the yard countless times.
A new obsession of mine is the Salt Water Taffy candle from Bath & Body Works. I had ordered it online last week during a sale, after reading the good reviews on it. When I happened upon a B&BW store before receiving my order, I sniffed it to see how I would like it. I was so disappointed - it smelled bad at the store. Luckily, when I received my order a few days later it smelled totally different and  I am loving the smell of it. It reminds me of cotton candy, without being a sick sweet. 
Speaking of candles, Yankee Candles had their big clearance sale this past weekend. I had no intention of shopping there, but stumbled in and fell in love with the "Root Beer Float" candle. It sounds gross, but smells exactly like root beer and the memories of Jacob just slammed into me as I sniffed it. He loved root beer. So I had to buy it! I was just wondering, as the saleswoman asked if I would like her to trim the wick for me for my first lightning, why all candles wicks aren't sold trimmed already to begin with?!

Do any of my readers live in the Midwest where the storms have been hitting? We spent some time in the basement on Monday. Luckily, we just had some big branches to clean up in the yard but several whole trees were down around town and a roof was blown off a home in the country. We were all lucky to be spared the worst...those poor folks in Nebraska who had to deal with dual tornadoes! Those pictures were terrifying.

Does anyone have a good cat grooming tool to recommend? Our 12 year old cat just isn't grooming herself as well this summer and has lots of tangles in her fur. I've been using the dog's brush, which gets deep into the undercoat, but she isn't liking that one bit. Is there something a bit gentler that still works?


  1. Our long haired princess died in December, and nearing 20 years old, she had pretty much failed at grooming 50% of her fur. Because she was long haired, it seemed to work to use a metal pet comb. I got it at the Fish Shack, and I think it may have actually been for dogs. It worked well for getting under knots or tangles. For especially bad mats, I would lift her fur with the comb just under the mat, and trim it away at the top of the comb. Worked so much better than standard cat brushes. I have no use for it anymore, as our cat still living is shorter haired... I will take it to the shop and you can have it if you think it may work!

    1. Thank you - I'd love to try the brush! She's a shorthaired cat but is knotting up very badly this summer. :/ Just another sign that she is getting old. :(



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