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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seagrass Pier

I'm very conflicted on how to review Seagrass Pier by Colleen Coble. Did I like it or not?

On one hand, I really enjoyed the plot (Elin gets a heart transplant and begins to have nightmares of a murder...the one that killed her heart donor). It's a very interesting story and the suspense was good.

On the other hand, the writing itself bothered me. The very first chapter threw took much information at you. Then some of the storyline didn't even come together correctly. For instance, the flashbacks show the donor being upset after seeing a love-interest kiss someone else and immediately she is murdered. Yet a few chapters later, when interviewing the "kisser" of the love interest (yes, I'm trying to be vague so as not to give the story away!) she mentions being confronted the next morning by the donor. It's almost as though the author got her storyline mixed up and it was not edited from the book. I begin to see so many inconsistencies that instead of enjoying the book I was looking for my next. Such as a woman being murdered and within 3 hours her organs were harvested for donation, yet the family hadn't even been notified yet. That's not how it happens, the author should have studied donor information before writing this book. Maybe I'm being too technical, as it's a romance suspense, not a medical journal, but it bothered me nonetheless.

Or Elin, as a mother, who seemed to give little regard to her own child as a murderer taunted her. It was all too casual. Leaving her daughter with others, being okay with staying away a night when her daughter was at home, etc. If a murderer was after me I wouldn't let my child out of my sight. I actually started to get mad about how Elin seemed to have little regard for her daughter or mother in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe I should have glossed over these issues, because the story itself was compelling. But I ended up just being annoyed through most of the book. Yet, I would still consider reading another of Colleen Coble's books just to see if this annoyance factor was a fluke and maybe her other books flowed better.

Disclaimer: This book was given to me by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion.   

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